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About Us

Welcome to a new kind of coupon app you’re going to love!


EZCoupons was designed to do one simple thing:

Give local businesses a simple way to create coupons that customers find and use on their phones.



EZCoupons puts you in control of your coupon advertising.

We give you a very simple way to create your own coupons - you just type in what you are offering your customers and your coupon is produced instantly.  No need to use expensive advertising companies to get your coupons out to your best, local customers. 

Customers just show and touch the coupon on their phone for easy, fast redemptions.

All coupon redemptions are tracked and counted automatically.  Easy to see how coupons are doing. That’s good information for your coupon program. 

And here's the best part- we will prove that the app works for you with our unique Free Trial. You'll like our plan.  See it here.




EZCoupons shows you Local Coupons from businesses you know - INSTANTLY!

You can search by category, by location (what is near you) and you can favorite businesses you want to follow. Using a coupon at the business super easy - Show the coupon on your phone to the staff person, touch the screen.... DONE! 

No more need to use confusing, cluttered coupon apps that show you all kinds of businesses that are not in your area… coupons you don’t need. No need to create a user account before you can access the coupons. 

EZCoupons takes you straight to the good stuff!