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Welcome to EZCoupons!

Your advertising is now EZ.

We designed the EZCoupons app to be a SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE way to get your coupons to your local customers. We give you an easy way to create and control your own coupons. Customers find and use them easily on their phone.
Best of all, you won't pay expensive advertising companies anymore.

EZCoupons puts you in control of your coupon advertising
  • EZ to create your own coupons
  • EZ to track and count redemptions
  • EZ to see which offers are effective
  • EZ to edit or change your coupons
  • EZ to plan your coupon advertising
  • EZ for customers to find your offers
  • EZ to create your own business page
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Program Details

EZ to create your own coupons
We designed this NEW app to be the MOST EFFECTIVE way to get coupons to your local customers. Coupons they will use because they are from local businesses they know.
You easily create and control your own coupons. Your customers find them with a simple search and use them on their phone. No need for expensive advertising companies anymore.

EZ to instantly track and count redemptions
It's easy to see and keep track of coupon redemptions. You can sort by time and place of use.
You can download an Excel spreadsheet of the redemptions and view the data in any way that is useful to your business. You even can tell if the coupons are being redeemed by new customers or by your existing loyal customers.

EZ to see which offers are effective
You have complete control over your coupons so you can offer different coupons on different days or even different times and see which ones have the best results.

EZ to edit or change your coupons
Anything you want to do and anything you want to offer customers - it's your choice. Make changes fast - super easy. You can change your offers in a snap and track the results.

EZ to plan your coupon advertising
Start or stop coupon offers as needed. Alert customers to upcoming sales.

EZ for customers to find your offers
Customers search local businesses on their phones - by area and category of business. Very easy. They always have your coupons in their hand. Easy map function gets customers to your door. We make it easy!

EZ to create your own business profile page
Provide information to customers about your business. You can add images to your page to highlight your products or services. List your hours of operation and customers see if you are open or closed in real time. You can hide your address if you have a home business and only want customers to call.
No need to deal with expensive advertising companies

Our policy is simple: FREE until it works for you!

We have a Unique Free Trial Period and it's very simple. We want to prove that our service works for you.

- You get Free unlimited use of the app for 2 months

AFTER 2 months Free , we welcome you to consider subscribing.

We keep it simple- We don’t want you to pay one cent for our service unless it works for you.

Sign up takes about 4 minutes. It's very EZ!

Create coupons and instantly make them available for your customers

Sample Business
Blue Plate Cafe
41 N Perry St
Dayton, OH 45422
Home of the Big Blue Plate!
About This Business
The Blue Plate Cafe has been a part of living in the Dayton area since 1972. Our great menu selection and dedication to quality meals with friendly service has made us a favorite place to dine for the entire family.

We look forward to having you as our guest soon!


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